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Help Prevent Wrinkles, While Looking and Feeling Better

June 6, 2012

Beautiful Skin

By Kylie Reed

If you want to keep looking young as you age, you’ll want to learn how to prevent wrinkles as well as how to clear up any wrinkles you may have already developed. Signs of aging are inevitable, but if you understand what steps you can take to prevent face wrinkles, you can keep your skin healthy and happy for years to come.

Unfortunately, we cannot control all of the factors that cause wrinkles. But, we can help prevent wrinkles that are caused by external factors that are within our control. One such factor is our diet. The old adage “you are what you eat” describes perfectly how a good diet will help prevent face wrinkles and a bad diet will not. Bad diets alone do not cause wrinkles, but they do not help your skin fight off those elements that do.

A healthy, nutritious diet will provide your body the resources it needs to maintain your body in the best condition it can. Eating prepared foods high in grease, preservatives and all sorts of unnatural ingredients simply collect in your body over time, hindering its efficiency.

To some extent, we can control our environment in order to help prevent wrinkles. Two relatively easy steps to take to prevent face wrinkles are to avoid smoking and avoid being outside during the peak sun hours of 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Obviously, smoking is just nasty all around. We all know it causes cancer, but it can have a negative effect on just about every aspect of a healthy functioning body. Cigarettes offer no redeeming value, at all. Not only should you avoid smoking, you should avoid exposing yourself to second hand smoke.

Avoiding the bad effects of the sun, are a little more difficult. On the one hand, you can’t live without sunlight, but direct exposure to the sun’s rays during peak the peak hours between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM is more difficult. During this time of day the sun’s ray are the strongest, exposing your skin to damage by dangerous ultraviolet light. Sunscreen should be used sparingly with a wide-brimmed hat worn to shield your face.

You may wish to read about the controversy surrounding sunscreens and decide for yourself where you stand on the issue.

Wrinkles are also caused in part, by the increase in free radicals and the decrease in antioxidants that occurs naturally as we age. The increase in free radicals cause the break down of collagen, which is a necessary component of smooth, wrinkle-free skin. In order to prevent wrinkles, we can apply all natural skin care products that contain powerful antioxidants, which attack free radicals. The boost in antioxidants will decrease the number of free radicals, and the damage they can do.

One method to prevent face wrinkles is to avoid habitual expressions that can eventually cause laugh lines around your eyes and frown lines in your forehead. While this is a valid way to help prevent wrinkles, it is not very practical, as it would be extremely difficult to suppress your emotions. Really, who would want to?

One way to help prevent wrinkles around your eyes is to avoid rubbing them. The skin around our eyes is more likely to develop wrinkles because it is thinner and more delicate than the rest of our skin on our face. Taking care not to rub your eyes is a bit more practical way to help prevent wrinkles than trying to avoid facial expressions.

To some extent, genetics will determine how well we age. Just like with most genetic factors, your environment and how well you take care of yourself will often determine if the biological factors will kick in and use those genetic factors. By understanding how to prevent face wrinkles we learn how to take care of our skin. Learn how to prevent wrinkles by reading the copious amounts information on the Internet, as well as eat right and exercise. The hard work will payoff with youthful looking skin while you age gracefully.

Kylie Reed: Dedicated to finding, using and researching skin care products which will reverse and/or slow the aging process by rejuvenating our skin naturally, healthfully and affordably!

For more information on how to improve the look and feel of your skin, naturally and healthfully you’ll want to visit True Radiance today.

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